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It's Friday! See what beer TRO is kicking off the weekend with:

It's Friday, and TRO is crashing into weekend with Foothills's Festival Express IPA. As the weather warms up, and COVID vaccines roll out, we're on our way to seeing outdoor concerts in beautiful weather once again. Showing out in a great can, the Festival Express is a juicy IPA, but one that was a little disappointing in flavor department. If you roll out a visually pleasing can, you've really got to deliver on the taste. A decent beer, but for a brewery as great as Foothills, it is not their best.

Foothills is a brewery out of Winston-Salem, NC. If you haven't checked them out, I recommend doing so. TRO will give the Festival Express IPA 3/5 footballs.

Come back next week!

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