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TRO'S BEER OF THE WEEK (5/21/2021)

It's Friday! See what beer TRO is kicking off the weekend with:

It's Friday, and TRO is army-crawling into the weekend with New Realm's Jacked Squatch West Coast Double IPA. This DIPA does not disappoint. It's got the strong malty punch to compliment its name, but does not lack in the citrusy and tasty flavor. After a couple of these you'll feel like you could go toe to toe with the Jacked Sasquatch himself (not recommended).

New Realm started in Atlanta, Georgia, but they've spread out sprouting locations in Virginia Beach, VA, Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA. They have a ridiculous list of beers, and even canned cocktails and seltzers, so everyone can find something they like.

TRO hands the Jacked Sasquatch 4/5 footballs.

Stay tuned for a new (football) article release Saturday Morning (2/22/21) and come back next week to see what we're sipping on!

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