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It's Friday! See what beer TRO is kicking off the weekend with:

The first Friday in June! As we enter the best time of the year that's not football season, TRO is free-falling into the weekend with Terrapin's High & Hazy IPA.

The High & Hazy is a decent beer. It's good for this time of year as the weather heats up. It's smooth and extremely light for an IPA. The only downside to this smoothness is that it seems to lack a little bit of taste. Honestly, if you're someone who does not like IPAs, you might really like this beer.

Terrapin Brewery is based out of Athens, Georgia, and they're very well known. (Side note: Athens is a great city to visit). You can usually look for a Terrapin beer by finding some turtle themed or inspired logo. While this can focuses more on the hop logo and leaves out the turtle, it reminds us of summertime heat and good times.

TRO gives the High & Hazy 3.5/5 footballs.

Stay tuned Sunday when TRO drops it's ideal starting offensive unit using only defensive players, and if you missed last week's article (the reverse), check out TRO's ideal starting defensive unit using only offensive players:

After you check out Sunday's article, don't forget to come back next week to see what we're sipping on!

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