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It's Sunday, Memorial Day Weekend! Find out what beer TRO is using to take advantage of the extra weekend day:

TRO is shot-putting into this free weekend day with Three Floyd's GumballHead American Wheat Pale Ale:

This American Wheat Pale Ale is a nice changeup from your standard IPAs. It's wheat-based flavor makes for a more brighter yellow colored beer that has a tasty and smooth finish. It only has 5.6% alcohol, so it is not as potent as most IPAs or DIPAs, which is usually a good choice for holiday induced long periods of drinking.

Three Floyds is based out of Hammond, Indiana, and you can easily spot their beers because of their unique and vibrant cans/bottles.

This is a very solid beer. TRO will hand it 4/5 footballs.

Come back Friday and see what we're sipping on!

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