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Week 15 Picks

Week 15 is here, and so TRO to lay out its picks against the spread:

via Jasen Vinlove / USA Today Sports

TRO is back publishing its weekly picks against the Spread. Here's who we're on this week as we look to bounce back from an unfortunate effort attempting to navigate the spreads of Week 14:


1st Down: Cincinnati Bengals (+3.0) @ Denver Broncos

via Aaron Doster / AP Photo

The Bengals are coming off of an amazing comeback effort, which came up short in overtime. They are far more talented on the offensive side of the ball than Denver is. While the Broncos have a better defense, we like the Bengals to use their talent to overcome the odds and squeak out a road victory.

2nd Down: Washington Football Team (+6.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles

via Geoff Burke / USA Today Sports

Whenever we see this game, set for Tuesday night at the moment, we can expect it to be close. An NFC East clash with Wild Card births on the line. This is a huge game for two fairly evenly matched teams. Throw in the COVID and rescheduling effects, it should make for a tight game.

3rd Down: Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Rams (-6.5)

via Getty Images

The Rams are coming off of a huge win over Arizona where they simply imposed their will. They will be back home (also on Tuesday night), and should handle Seattle by 7+. While Russell Wilson has started to look more like himself, the Rams are clicking. Los Angeles has figured out how to properly incorporate Odell Beckham, Jr., and Aaron Donald has stepped it into fifth gear. This Rams pass rush will overpower that Seattle offensive line, like they often do.

4th Down: Kansas City Chiefs (-3.0) @ Los Angeles Chargers

via Getty Images

We didn't get our picks out as early as Friday, like anticipated, but we did hit this one on the head. The Chiefs are playing Kansas City football, and all of a sudden are back in 1st place in the AFC.


Carolina Panthers (+14.5) @ Buffalo Bills

We were on Buffalo when the spread was around 10.5/11.0., but it has since moved to 14.5, which is just a lot of points for a Bills team that has had a tendency to play down to the level of their competition. The Panthers have been spiraling, and will be without Derrick Brown, but they still have talented players, and a coach and a quarterback trying to keep their jobs. There's a good chance this could get ugly for Carolina, but we'll let our homerism kick in one more week.

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-5.5)

We believe in the post-coach firing boost. The Jaguars players, current coaches, and fans will be more energized with Urban Meyer finally gone. The fog has been lifted, this team will look to rub it in the face of their former coach, and we think they will do so.

New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins (-10.5)

Miami is playing great football, and their defense causes far too many problems for the mistake-prone Zach Wilson and Jets offense.

Dallas Cowboys (-11.5) @ New York Giants

The Giants are struggling, and Dallas is far better than they are. We won't get caught up overthinking this one.

Tennessee Titans (+1.0) @ Pittsburgh Steelers

This is a tough one to pick. Both of these teams are hard to get a read on this year. Tennessee is a bit better, so with the spread so close, we'll ride it out with them.

Arizona Cardinals (-13.0) @ Detroit Lions

The Cardinals are good and the Lions are not. Arizona will be looking to bounce back after their loss to the Rams last week. They should win by 14+.

Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers (-8.5)

The Niners are red-hot. Their defense is playing very well, and George Kittle has been playing out of his mind. They will handle Atlanta at home, as they defend their Wild Card position.

Green Bay Packers (-9.5) @ Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson either will not be playing, or will be hobbled. Aaron Rodgers is at his peak right now, playing perfect football. This Packers team is far healthier and better suited to win this game than the Ravens, who have routinely started games slowly.

Las Vegas Raiders (+3.0) @ Cleveland Browns

With all of the COVID absences, the rescheduling, and the up and down play of both of these teams, this might be a stay away. We'll side with the Raiders since they've been unaffected by COVID, they are irritated the game had to be rescheduled, and picking them will leave the option of a close game either way covering.

Minnesota Vikings (-6.0) @ Chicago Bears

Both of these teams played a great half of football last week. We like Minnesota to push through, squeaking out a 7 point win.

New England Patriots (+2.5) @ Indianapolis Colts

Off the mark on this one. Jonathan Taylor called game.

New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-11.5)

The Saints have issues at quarterback, and Tampa has been rolling. Tom Brady will be out for revenge after the upset defeat earlier this year. New Orleans will be without both starting tackles and their head coach.


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