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Bengals Unveil New Uniforms

The Cincinnati Bengals are the first team to modify its uniforms ahead of the 2021 Season, and TRO is here to break down the new changes.

via CincyJungle / Cincinnati Bengals

It's important to start this article by saying that NFL fans, especially those on social media, are impossible to please with uniform changes. Everybody's a critic, and people love to do one or more of the following: 1) complain that the changes are too modern; 2) complain that the changes look too much like another team's; 3) or complain that not enough changes were made.

This is a good uniform. In fact, they look great. A successful uniform change is about maximizing concepts fans like about your existing uniforms, and making subtle enough changes to where the new uniforms fit in line with the history of the old uniforms. The last thing fans want is their team to look like a different team each year, and have all of their previously bought jerseys and memorabilia appear useless.

The Bengals did it right, and it was long overdue. Take a look at where they were coming from:

via Bengalswire / USA Today; Jamie Sabau / Getty Images; & AP Photo / Michael Conroy

The Bengals ditched the fake 3-D numerals, swapped the alternate logo "B" for the word "Bengals" across the chest, eliminated the awkward white stripe down the sides of the jersey, and scrapped the colored collar. They also tweaked the tiger stripes on the shoulders to flow more naturally, pulling a design from their fan favorite color rush uniforms. The name plate on the back and the pants got a modern tune up as well. These are clean looking uniforms, and thankfully they did not disturb their already unique helmet.

via Twitter / Bengals

Props to the Bengals for not going over the top in cleaning up their uniforms, and doing a solid job with presentation. Adding legendary wide receiver Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, who showcased the last uniform changes in 2004, was a nice touch.

via Twitter / Bengals

Bengals fans can take a little solace knowing their team will look clean trotting out there next year. Hopefully they get to see Joe Burrow in these uniforms for the entire year.

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